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Happiness Is An Art Form


Award-winning poet and TED speaker Agnes Török spent a year living according to current happiness research, and then wrote a poetry collection about what she learnt. This is a personal book. A political book. A book about human experiences.

Happiness Is An Art Form is a reflection on what makes our lives good and how we can best equip ourselves to get through difficulty – trauma, mental ill health, illness, you name it. Török speaks about them all, with joy, clarity, and humor.

This is a book about you. It is an invitation to think about your life – your good times and your bad, your joys and your challenges. To think about if there is anything you could do, big or small, that could add more joy to your life. Anything that could make the challenges a bit more manageable. Don't worry, you'll have a whole book to help you make up your mind.

It is time to order it and start.

Praise for the book:
"Happiness Is An Art Form takes nothing for granted. It's a rare thing for a contemporary poetry collection to consider its audience so generously. It remembers that poetry has work to do besides the merely aesthetic; it asserts that, in the face of austerity and hate-speech, learning how to live gracefully is a radical act."
- Dave Coates, award-winning poetry critic

The book includes Török's poems as well as try-at-home writing exercises focused on boosting mental health and building coping mechanisms. Happiness Is An Art Form can be shipped to anywhere in the world. The price includes VAT.

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